Keeping You and Your Home Safe

Keeping You and Your Home Safe

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Carl Shave | December 22, 2020


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Recent reports from various sources have highlighted issues which we all need to be aware of when considering safety and security, to keep our families and homes safe:

  1. Check Gas Appliances

One in five households have unsafe gas appliances. Boilers should be serviced by a qualified gas engineer every year; this is a legal requirement for landlords, but all homeowners should also comply. Gas cookers should also be checked annually.

  1. Invasion of Moths and Ladybirds

During the summer, when windows are open, we see small silvery moths flying around our homes, sneaking into drawers and cupboards, or taking up residence in carpets and rugs. You can buy products to protect clothing and other vulnerable items from supermarkets and chemists, but do an annual ‘shake’ of everything in cupboards and drawers to check for any damage. Regular hoovering, especially around corners, usually protects floor coverings.

In contrast, Ladybirds don’t cause any damage, but are good for our environment. They simply want to hibernate somewhere warm and safe, and tend to collect around window frames in small groups of two or three before escaping in the early spring.

  1. Smart Video Doorbells

Adverts promote these devices as a means of identifying people at your door, whether you are sitting on the sofa at home, at work or even on holiday, but Which? magazine recently identified serious concerns about 11 unbranded cheap versions available through websites.

Concerns include potential identity theft, with wi-fi names and passwords intercepted, allowing access to other devices in the home, and theft of devices which can easily be switched off and detached from the wall for resale. Before making a purchase, check out the Which? website:  which is also an excellent source of information about the best household and other appliances.

  1. Keep Keys safe

Never leave a key under a plant pot by the front door or in the shed! Ask a trusted friend, neighbour or family member to keep a key in case of emergencies.

  1. Avoid Fire Risk with LED Christmas Lights

Insurers report increased claims for fires at this time of year, so sparkle safely inside or out by replacing potentially risky old fairy lights with filament bulbs with strings of LEDs, which remain cool to the touch, are cheaper to run and have a 50,000 hour lifespan.

Ensuring you have comprehensive household insurance is key to protecting your health and safety. For advice on the most appropriate options, give us a call at Just Mortgage Brokers.


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