How to Spring Clean & Earn Extra Pennies

How to Spring Clean & Earn Extra Pennies

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | April 4, 2014


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We don’t want to get too optimistic about the British weather, but it looks very much like Spring may be in the process of springing into life. Lambs are soon to be gambolling, meadows are ready to burst into flower and your home is primed for a decluttering. If you’re planning a big Spring clean this year, we have some great tips to help you turn all of your hard dusting and decluttering into a few extra pennies, ideal if you’re struggling to find mortgages with bad credit and working with a tight budget in 2014.

1. Be ruthless

Right! You have your marigolds on, the whole place smells of furniture polish and you’re ready to start tackling the vast amount of clutter which has built up over the Winter months. Christmas is prime clutter time and we’ll bet you’ll be stunned by just how much assorted ‘stuff’ you’ve collected over the year. Anything you don’t use, get rid of it! It’s not easy getting rid of items especially when you can picture using them “one of these days” but be firm with yourself if you want a decluttered home and a profitable clean out!

2. Get organised

To tackle the trash, create three piles; one for ‘keeping’, one for ‘selling’ and one for ‘throwing away’. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past 12 months and be strict with yourself! Don’t be too quick to consign items to the ‘throwing away’ pile though – there are all sorts of ways to make money from your unwanted items.

3. Find the right outlet

You’ll be surprised by just how many places you can exchange your unwanted items for cash. It’s all about finding the outlet where you’ll get the most for your goods, it’s not all about eBay, you know. Here’s a handy list:

  • Old phones There are tonnes of companies offering to take your phone off your hands in exchange for money, but it pays to shop around and find a business with a good reputation (some don’t pay as much as they promise to, claiming your phone shows signs of ‘excessive wear and tear’).
  • Sought after or unusual items It’s got to be eBay. If you have something unique and desirable – or something with a branded label – this is the best place to find a buyer who wants exactly what you’re selling. Before you price up, use the Advanced Search option to view compared listings so you can get a good idea of the going rate for your items.
  • Furniture The problem with this kind of item is that it is very expensive to ship. Your best bet is to find a local buyer. Craigslist and Gumtree are good options – as are car boot sales.
  • Handmade items Etsy is the home of the handmade. If you have a crafty streak and find bits and bobs with potential during your Spring clean, why not turn them into something special and sell them on Etsy or at car boots?
  • Books, DVDs and CDs These are nice and easy. Simply pop all the barcodes into a website like Music Magpie or Fat Brain and you’ll get a quote for your items. You can then print off a free delivery label, package them up and send them off before you receive your shiny cheque. Make sure you shop around for the best deal out there though!



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