Carl Writes for Master Investor

Carl Writes for Master Investor

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | March 22, 2016


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The first three months of 2016 and the conclusion of 2015 saw some major developments in the world of mortgages and corporate finance. The buy-to-let market is in the midst of a significant shake up and dramatic changes to dividend tax are about to be introduced. Just Mortgage Brokers have been following these developments closely, with an eye on how the implications of these changes might affect property investors and business owners. In fact, one of our directors, Carl Shave, has been a regular contributor to the UK’s foremost free investment publication, Master Investor magazine, offering insight, opinion and in-depth market analysis to 65,000 professional investors.

Stamp Duty on Buy-to-Let Properties

Carl wrote a cover story for the January issue discussing the challenges facing the buy-to-let market. A number of important lenders within the industry (including Barclays) have recently tightened their lending criteria, asking for rental income to exceed 135% of interest payments instead of the industry norm of 125%. Landlords also face the challenge of additional stamp duty, which will be payable on second homes and buy-to-let properties across all bands from 1st April 2016. In his article, Carl makes predictions about how the buy-to-let market might change in the wake of these developments. You can read the January issue of Master Investor here.

Dividend Tax Changes

In a cover story for the most recent issue, Carl was asked to give his opinion on the dividend tax changes that will be introduced in the UK from the 6th April 2016. In short, the notional 10% tax credit on dividends will be scrapped and a new £5,000 tax-free allowance will be introduced. Dividends received by an Individual Savings Account (ISA) or Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) will be unaffected, regardless of the status of the taxpayer. In his article, Carl looks at the proposed changes in more detail and assesses how they might impact business, particularly small businesses. You can read the March issue of Master Investor here. Carl is rapidly building a solid reputation as a credible guest author on a range of subjects, so if you’d like an expert opinion on anything relating to the mortgage industry or corporate finance and loans, you know who to speak to. For further information about the mortgage market, get in touch with our expert advisers today. You can call us on 0800 114 3798 or use our contact form.