How Long Does does the Process Take?
  • Missed or late payments
  • Debt management plan
  • Discharged bankruptcy
  • Defaults, CCJ’s or IVA’s

How Long Does does the Process Take?

Once we receive your enquiry we aim to contact you within an hour via email or telephone, at which point we will access your needs and gather your information. At this point we will request that you provide all the documents that we need in order to move the process forward, these would include, credit reports, payslips, bank statements and our fact-finding.

On receipt of these, we hope to obtain you an ‘agreement in principle’ within 24 hours. For more information about the mortgage process with Just Mortgage Brokers, then please click on our application process page.

The length of time to obtain a mortgage offer very much depends on which lender we are using for you, these can vary from anything between 2-4 weeks. It helps a huge amount if you can supply any outstanding requirements as soon as you can to speed the process up. We will let you know these at the application stage.