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Tracker Mortgage

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | July 2, 2016


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An ever more popular choice amongst buyers, we can help you find the right tracker mortgage for you.

Tracker mortgages work by tracking alongside a linked base rate – this is normally the Bank of England’s base rate, but some lenders offer trackers that are linked to their own variable base rate or London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The tracker’s relationship to the base rate is agreed at the outset (for example base rate plus 1.5%) then any time the base rate changes, the tracker rate will also increase or decrease by the same amount.
Tracker mortgages are a popular choice for many people taking out mortgages, and there are a number of competitive rates available from various lenders. However, it’s important to understand that the rate, and therefore your monthly mortgage payment, can go up or down at any time. If you take out a tracker rate mortgage you have to consider whether you will still be able to afford your mortgage payments if rates start to increase. When you compare mortgages, remember to take into account all costs and charges, including arrangement fees. At Just Mortgage Brokers we can provide professional advice on all types of mortgages, including specialist lending such as commercial mortgagesadverse credit mortgages and buy to let mortgages.