Mortgages for Civil Servants

Mortgage Advice for Civil Servants

Here at Just Mortgage Brokers we have years of experience in securing mortgages for would-be homeowners in all sorts of professions. Civil servants are often in the enviable position of having high-paying and relatively secure long-term employment, and consequently tend to be looked on favourably by lenders assessing mortgage applications with a view to evaluating lending risk. That’s not just good news in terms of qualifying for a mortgage – it also potentially means a broader choice of lenders and mortgages for civil servants, allowing you to shop around for the best deal on the market.

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Applying for a mortgage for a Civil servant

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender will take account of a number of factors when deciding whether to approve the application, and how much you can borrow. One of the first things they will consider is your employment status, whether your employment is permanent in nature, and how long you have worked for your current employer. If you have moved between different branches of the civil service, including due to a relocation, it may be necessary to provide more information on your work history to demonstrate continuity of employment.

The lender will take account of your credit history using data from an external credit reference agency, and in combination with an assessment of your income, will work out how much you can borrow. Most lenders today don’t base this on a simple multiplier (such as, say, five times your salary) but rather base it on a broader affordability assessment, taking into account your income and any outgoings such as existing credit commitments.

Mortgage advice for civil servants

Just Mortgage Brokers has a team of highly experienced mortgage advisors who have spent years dealing with mortgages for civil servants and other professions. We offer expert, impartial mortgage advice and have access to mortgage deals from across the UK lending market, including many smaller, more specialist lenders. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.