8 Amazing Hidden Spaces in Homes

  • The Secret Staircase Space

    The Secret Staircase Space

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    Whether you're looking for an alternative to stuffing your money in your mattress or hiding a wanted fugitive, there are a million reasons why this secret staircase hidey hole is incredible!

  • The Secret Bookcase

    The Secret Bookcase

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    The Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Hercule Piorot - is there anything more romantic and mysterious than a secret room behind a bookcase? We think not.

  • The Secret Bathtub

    The Secret Bathtub

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    1. It's super practical. 2. It's incredibly cool. Here's how to include a luxurious bath in a teeny tiny bathroom - just pop it in a secret compartment under the floor. Genius.

  • The Secret Spice Rack

    The Secret Spice Rack

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    In case you're feeling cagey about your coriander and cardamom, here's a clever way to tuck your spice rack nice and neatly out of view.

  • More Staircase Secrets

    More Staircase Secrets

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    This is an amazing secret little nook, perfect for when Father Christmas comes and you don't want prying little eyes to ruin the surprise!

  • The Secret Puppy Nook

    The Secret Puppy Nook

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    This secret little nook in a staircase makes the perfect home for this family's dog. For the secretive puppy who has everything.

  • The Secret Tunnel

    The Secret Tunnel

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    Can you imagine having a secret tunnel from your bedroom to a playroom as a child? This lucky little tyke can crawl through to a whole world of fun!

  • The Secret Pantry

    The Secret Pantry

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    Ideal for sneaky midnight feasts, this secret pantry tucked behind a kitchen cabinet is the perfect hidey hole for all your favourite treats.

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