Mortgages for Foreign Nationals

If you’re a foreign national living in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ll want to buy a property while you are here. The good news is that whether you’re looking for a temporary residence or a new family home, mortgages for foreign nationals are readily available from the right mortgage broker.

Of course, the circumstances of foreign nationals living and working in the UK can vary widely. Your nationality, income structure and the existence of assets in other parts of the world will all need to be carefully considered when choosing the right lender.

If you are in the UK on a short-term basis, although your lending options will be restricted, there should still be foreign national mortgages open to you; you just need to know where to look!

What do you need to be applicable for a foreign national mortgage?

Most lenders will want to see that you have:

  • Been a resident in the UK for more than 2 years
  • A permanent job in the UK
  • Permanent residence rights in the UK, or a UK work permit
  • A UK bank account

However, having a team of advisers who specialise in mortgages for foreign nationals, we have experience arranging mortgages in the more complex cases including where adverse credit ratings may be involved or where visas are due for renewal.

Here’s an example of a foreign national mortgage we arranged for a recent client with a Tier 2 visa. This proves that even with a small deposit and adverse credit, there are still lenders out there offering competitive deals.

How can you find a foreign national mortgage?

As always with non-standard mortgage requirements, the best bet is to contact a specialist broker who is familiar with the lenders operating in this market. At Just Mortgage Brokers, we have access to a leading network of specialist lenders and know which to approach to find the best deal to meet your specific circumstances.

For more information about foreign national mortgages, please get in touch with our specialist team today.