Your Questions About Equity Release Answered

You will no doubt have questions about the Equity Release process. You may have heard stories from friends, family or the news and need some more detail. We work with Equity Release Council members and are determined to find you the right solution for your circumstances.

Equity Release FAQs
  • - Could I lose my home?
  • - Can I move house with Equity Release?
  • - Do I have to pay tax on the money I get from
    Equity Release?
  • - How much can I release?
  • - Can I leave an inheritance?
  • - Can I borrow more if my property’s value
  • - I’ve already got an Equity Release plan -
    can I switch?
  • - Will Equity Release affect my state benefits?
  • - Can I repay the Equity Release plan?
  • - Can I release the equity in my holiday home,
    second home or buy-to-let property?