Take care who you admit to your home with deliveries

Take care who you admit to your home with deliveries

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Focus Admin | February 24, 2021


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At this difficult time, many of us are ordering food and other goods direct from supermarkets and other suppliers, and are grateful to those who work long hours delivering to households.
However, in recent weeks, there have been a small number of burglaries by people pretending to be delivery drivers, forcing themselves into homes. So, remember some simple checks before opening the door:
  • First, it is unusual for more than one person to deliver goods, unless it is an item of furniture; under normal circumstances, a single driver would knock but not access your property to unload the goods for health and safety reasons;
  • Are you expecting a delivery? If not, ask why they are calling;
  • The delivery vehicle would usually be branded with the company name, if not, ask for identity information, and details of what is being delivered. If not satisfied, don’t open the door;
  • If you have access to social media, keep track of deliveries and the expected date/time.

 We all help neighbours who may be out at work, but never take in parcels for someone you don’t know, even if they have provided your address to the delivery driver. And never agree to any works on your property if someone knocks on the door, offering window cleaning, redecoration or gardening services, or suggesting you have a problem with the roof. Should you want such services, seek appropriately qualified tradespeople by asking friends or neighbours for recommendations, check websites, or ask the local Council for advice.

If you suspect a scam, notify your local authority or the Police.