Just Mortgage Brokers Launches YouTube Channel

Just Mortgage Brokers Launches YouTube Channel

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | December 12, 2017


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On the back of our recently revamped website, Just Mortgage Brokers has launched its new YouTube channel. We work with mortgages every day, and have an in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, the types of products available, different approaches taken by the various lenders, and so on.

However, we also understand that applying for a mortgage can be a daunting and even confusing time, especially if you’re a first time buyer or are otherwise in a particular situation – such as applying for a new mortgage with a bad credit record – that you haven’t experienced before.

With our new YouTube channel we intend to help you understand some of the complexities of mortgages and secured lending by providing clear, straightforward explanations about the different types of products on the market, how they work and how they might apply to you. Here are four of our initial videos to give a taste of what to expect.

Bad credit mortgages

There are any number of reasons why people fall into arrears with credit card payments, utility bills or other payment commitments. If you have had credit problems in the past, it can be easy to assume that this will disqualify you from getting a mortgage. The good news is that that’s not necessarily the case; in this video we take a look at bad credit mortgages.

Buy-to-let mortgages

If you want to buy a property to let out for rental income, you need to apply for a buy-to-let mortgage. Although they work in much the same way as a residential mortgage, the application criteria can be quite different. Watch our video to learn more about buy-to-let mortgages.

Self-employed mortgages

The past few years haven’t been the easiest for self-employed people hoping to get a mortgage. However, that’s changing as more and more people are becoming self-employed, and there are plenty of lenders out there – including both high-street banks and more specialised lenders – who will consider self-employed applicants. Our video explains how Just Mortgage Brokers can help.

Right-to-buy mortgages

Many mortgage lenders offer mortgages for those intending to buy the local authority or housing association home that they currently rent; however, not all lenders take the same approach to right-to-buy mortgages. Our video explains how Just Mortgage Brokers can help you through the right-to-buy process.


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