7 Ways to Make Pets Cost Less

7 Ways to Make Pets Cost Less

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | May 30, 2014


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1.  Pets

Your faithful pooch or your friendly feline may be adorable, but they can also be expensive. Vets bills, pet insurance, food, toys, ruined sofas, decimated flowerbeds, leads – you name it, our four (and two) legged friends can be a huge financial drain, especially if you’re working to arrange adverse credit mortgages to buy a permanent home. If you’d like to reign in those expenses, there are lots of very effective ways to make pets cost less. Here are our top tips…

1.      Buy in Bulk

Good quality pet food is pricey, that’s for sure. However, if you have the storage space buying in bulk can radically reduce the cost. Visit a wholesalers or head online to find great discounts when you buy large quantities of food, treats and pet supplies. 

2.      Don’t Buy, DIY

Accessories like pet toys and pet beds (even pet clothing, if you’re that way inclined) are expensive to buy, but very easy to make yourself at home. Check out sites like Pinterest for loads of really good DIY pet accessory inspiration. We particularly love this dog bed made from an old jumper and lovely jingley cat wand!

2. Dog bed
3. Cat wand

3. Insure Intelligently

First off, get insured. Vet bills can be mountainous if you’re not appropriately covered so make sure you are. Next, take smart steps to reduce the cost of pet insurance by:

  • Ensuring all pets on the same policy
  • Looking for the very best deal online
  • Choose a mongrel (if you are thinking of getting a dog, pedigrees are much more expensive to insure)
  • Get your pet micro-chipped, spayed and neutered (this will reduce your quotes)

 4.  Forget Kennels & Catteries

Organize a pet-sitter instead of popping your pooch or cat into a kennel or cattery when you go away. Swap favors with neighbors and family members or check out pet-sitting sites to find a cheaper option.

5.      Get Out the Hose

No more trips to the groomer! Get out the hose or pop your pooch in the tub. A dose of bicarbonate of soda works wonders for getting rid of that wet dog smell and costs next to nothing. If your pup needs a haircut, you can pick up a pair of clippers very cheaply.

6.      Stop Indulging!

We know how much you love your pets, but when you’re working to arrange adverse credit mortgages or struggling financially more generally, it’s important to cut back on indulgences – this includes that new diamante collar for your puppy.

7.      Rescue Animals

If you’re looking for a new pet, choose a rescue animal instead of a brand new animal. Also opt for mongrels instead of pure breeds, they’re not only cheaper, healthier and often better nurtured, they’re also cheaper to insure. 

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