6 Clever Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles

6 Clever Ways to Upcycle Wine Bottles

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Carl Shave Carl Shave | April 3, 2014


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When you’re struggling with bad credit mortgages, bills, emergency expenses and even day-to-day costs can be a burden. But that needn’t mean that you can’t turn your home into a beautiful haven on a shoestring. Today we’ve compiled some of our favourite upcycling projects which will turn humble wine bottles into beautiful accessories that brighten up your home. Remember to exercise caution if you’re going to need to cut your bottles to complete your project. Some crafty types recommend renting or borrowing a glass cutter, while others claim that a tile cutter with a diamond blade is a much safer option – here’s a helpful video guide to get you started. Whatever you use, make sure you wear work gloves and protective eyewear to keep you safe.

1. Wind Chimes – Source

This is a beautifully simple creation which looks incredibly effective. Simply slice layers from your bottle, attach thread and hang them from the centrepiece of your choice. These chimes make a magical sound and the more random they are, the prettier they will be!

2. Bottle Walls – Source

We love the way this bottle wall fills the building with coloured light. We’ve seen multicoloured versions of this project too, which use bottles of different colours, shapes and sizes to create a more eclectic look. We recommend trying this out in your garden first, somewhere where it will catch the light! Here’s a thorough Instructable to help you get to grips with the technique.

3. Self Watering Plant Pot – Source

Do you forget to water your plants? Now you can make sure they live a little bit longer with this clever self watering planter. Saw through your wine bottle around two thirds up and ensure you have a clean, safe edge. Invert the bottle top and run strands of string up through the neck so that they reach into the lower half of the bottle. Line the top with a gauze to stop compost falling though, then plant your favourite indoor flowers, herbs or foliage. Remember to top up the bottom!

4. Mood Lighting – Source

Simple and beautiful, a wine bottle full of fairy lights. You’ll need to drill a hole in your bottle to feed the wire through to undertake this project, but there are lots of helpful guides out there to make sure you get this right. Exercise caution with your new lamp as they can get very hot!

5. Wall Torch- Source

These gorgeous outdoors wall torches come with full instructions so you can make them yourself at home. You’ll need a few extra nuts, bolts, bits and pieces to complete this upcycling project, but once you’re done we’re sure you’ll love your handiwork!

6. Wall Vase – Source

This project works just like the wall torches above only, instead of wicks, you simply need to add flowers and any pretty accessories and customisations you choose. Lovely! Bad credit mortgages don’t have to spell disaster for your interior design. Get thrifty and discover how you can beautify your home for less. You can even share your tips and tricks with our readers online. 


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