Fast Track Process

At Just Mortgage Brokers we understand it is important for our customers to get an initial lending decision as soon as possible. Waiting for a decision for a number of days and then getting turned down by lenders is never a nice feeling. That is why we always try and get you a decision within 24 hours.

To help us achieve this we ask our customers to provide us with all their material facts and a copy of their most recent credit report.

A copy of your credit report, combined with all your relevant facts given to us from the outset will help us identify the most appropriate lender for your individual circumstance and in turn get you a decision through our 24 hour ‘fast track’ system.

  • We will monitor your financial profile
  • Decisions made with your benefits in mind
  • Response within 24 hours

So don’t wait around only to be told you can’t have a mortgage. Contact one of our experienced advisers today and get one step closer to getting the right lending decision for your needs.

Step 1

Get in Touch

Either call our free number 0800 114 3575 or mobile friendly 01473 356284. Alternatively submit your enquiry online by clicking here.

Step 2

Pre Qualification

One of our experienced advisers will contact you to discuss your situation in more detail. If we feel that we can help, we will confirm what additional information and documents will be need to move forward.

Step 3

Agreement in Principle

Once we have established that we can help and we have assessed your financial documents, we will apply for an Agreement in Principle with a lender that we feel is most likely to support your application.

Step 4

Mortgage Quotes

Once we have been given a positive agreement to lend, we will then discuss with you the rates and terms available with the lender. This will also include details of the fees and charges that will be involved.

Step 5


If you are happy with our recommendation, we will proceed to the full application stage with the lender. At this stage, our initial processing fee of £195 will be payable. The lender will assess the application and supporting documents in addition to arranging for a property valuation/assessment.

Step 6

Mortgage Offer

Once the lender is satisfied that the property offers suitable security and they are happy that you can afford the loan applied for, the mortgage offer will be issued to you. This confirms their willingness to lend based upon the circumstances in the application. A copy of the mortgager offer is also sent to the solicitor for them to deal with the legal side of the transaction. The £1095 balance of our broker fee will be payable once the mortgage offer has been issued.

Step 7

Pre Completion

After the mortgage offer has been issued and accepted, we will discuss with you the various insurances that need to be in prior to completion and make appropriate recommendations.

Step 8


Your solicitor will request funds from the lender in time for the proposed completion date.

Step 9

Post Completion

As part of our bespoke mortgage review service, your adviser will contact you again nearing the expiry of your deal to ensure your mortgage is always set up on the most appropriate product for your needs.