A Coffee and Five?


Hope you enjoy your coffee – on me!

Usually, I’d offer to meet for a cuppa and a chinwag, but sadly I’m not able to get to you in person, so I figured I’d still get you a coffee and you can enjoy in your own time. I want to talk to you about a story I think you’ll like.

It’s about millennials and money. You know, mortgages, car finance, credit cards and business loans, all things that we don’t get taught enough in schools. A recent survey by Wells-Fargo, mentioned in Forbes showed that:


We asked experts, parents and more to tell us their tips and tricks for teaching their kids about money, and developed a calculator to help reinforce how important it is to be careful with your credit score. We all remember the advert with the sad-looking credit scores right?

Here’s the calculator, have a go and see what you think:  (scroll down in the box as you fill in)

We decided it was about time to start teaching our kids properly about money, so we developed the above calculator to help parents, teachers and more teach kids how to be sensible with money and why – so hopefully 42% of Generation Z won’t have to rely on others for financial stability, like millions of millennials.

It’s time to save Generation Z from asking: Why didn’t they teach us this?

There is pre-written content ready to go as well as a press release. You’re welcome to use the data and calculator to write your own. Developed by Just Mortgage Brokers. An embed code is available. Here is a link to the calculator.

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